About HeliSimmer.com

About HeliSimmer.com

HeliSimmer.com exists to provide the community with a useful resource for helicopter flight simulation, as an education tool, and as a hobby, encourage others to take that leap into a career in aviation.

Since 2016, it has become the premier helicopter flight simulation website and a reference in the field, eventually expanding into the professional market.

Top photo: VRM Switzerland, Mr. Claude Vuichard and HeliSimmer.com's editor Sérgio Costa.

What has started as a project aimed at the helicopter flight simulation hobby quickly grew and got the attention of real-world helicopter pilots and companies related to professional helicopter flight simulation, as well as helicopter operators which have been looking for solutions in the market.

These companies have realized the expertise the team behind HeliSimmer.com had in the field and a lot of them have reached out to us for help in the field of helicopter flight simulation as a training aid.

As this network grew over time and as companies valued our content and help more over time, HeliSimmer.com PROFESSIONAL was a natural path.