Komodo Simulations is getting ready to accept new orders again

Komodo Simulations is getting ready to accept new orders again

After a bit of a familiar and business turmoil, Komodo Simulations is picking up the pace and the company will start accepting new orders again soon.


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On a post on Facebook and email to their list (which you can read below), Richard Price, the owner of Komodo Simulations, talks about the growth pains of a small business and how he's trying to get things back on track so that customers don't wait too long for their orders.

Unfortunately, that will mean closing down orders now and then, but it's a necessary step to prevent folks from waiting for a really long time.

Our hobby is a special one. We are, indeed, a niche inside a niche and a lot of this companies and manufacturers don't live out of their hardware business. It's not easy, folks, and we need to thank them for having the courage to try and make this work, very often at the expense of not spending time with their families.

I'm glad folks like Richard are still trying to push it, otherwise we would have no good solutions for helicopter controls.

Here's the full email:

Orders Open!

Hi Everyone! Sorry it’s been such a long time since the last email. A little life arrived the very same day we had some building work start and everything has been chaotic ever since.

But good news, I am now back in the workshop and about to start taking orders again. I am also about to change jobs so that will free up some time and will allow me to dedicate set days a week to building the controls. This will help reduce the waiting times and allow me to get orders shipped out much quicker. Not only that I should have time while I am actually working to be able to do some extra CAD work and develop the range of controls and bring out the long awaited KA-50 grips, as well as others that are at various stages of development.

Moving forward I need to be able control the orders coming in and limit the waiting times for orders once they have been placed and paid for. To do this I will be doing a rolling order system and will only have a certain number of orders active at any one time. As soon as I complete an order I will then accept another one and so on. The plan is then, as production increases, to slowly build up stock again and the controls can then be ordered directly from the website without any waiting times. To place an order please use the Contact Form on the website using the subject ‘ORDER REQUEST’. I will then supply a full quote and if you want to go ahead I will send a payment request via WorldPay. Orders will have to be on a first come first served basis unfortunately at the moment and will be built in the order they come in.

I appreciate than many of you have been waiting a long time to place an order for Komodo controls and I can only apologise for the delays, I must always put my family first. Now with the change of jobs and a guaranteed shift pattern I can dedicate the time needed to Komodo and really develop it as a business instead of a hobby. I will have a bit of time away from building in February as I go on training courses etc. for the new job, otherwise I will be building orders every week.

Many thanks



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Sérgio Costa

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