Ryan Aerospace to announce HELIMOD Mark III

Ryan Aerospace to announce HELIMOD Mark III

Our friends over at Ryan Aerospace are entering the amazing world of Virtual Reality helicopter training with their new iteration of a great product: the HELIMOD Mark III


The Press Release will hit the news outlets later this week but we were very lucky to have the company sending (and allowing us to publish) it in advance as an early/exclusive information to our readers.

The target audience is, of course, mainly the professional market but sim centers, for example, might look at it as a great investment as well.

Here's the full press release:

Ryan Aerospace (Australia) launches new helicopter vertical reference and long line training platform:

The Helimode Mark III helicopter simulator

For the last two years, Ryan Aerospace (Australia) has been working to address a real training problem – teaching helicopter pilots the art of vertical reference and long line training.

The result is the development of highly realistic helicopter simulator control hardware in the form of the HELIMOD Mark III. Following the success of its predecessors, the HELIMOD Mark III has been redesigned from the ground up offering a new level of realism, sophistication, modularity, robustness and style.

Coupled with a virtual reality headset, the pilot can now feel fully immersed in the simulated cockpit with the ability to ‘look around the cabin’ 360 degrees. He or she can literally lean out the side and look down at a slung load. Since the images projected into each of the pilot’s eyes is from a slightly different viewpoint, the image is full, 3D stereoscopic which is so important for vertical reference work.

It coincides with the huge success that Ryan Aerospace and Precision Flight Controls had at Heli-Expo recently in Las Vegas. Attendees were very impressed with HELIMOD Mark II device and excited about the pending release of the Mark III version.

Mr Ryan said that he was thrilled with the success of the prototype at Heli-Expo and surprised at how few people felt disoriented or dizzy but this was largely due to supplying a super-high end PC with carefully tweaked software.

The simulator is also useful for other applications such as ab-initio hover training, effects of controls, secondary effects of controls, autorotation entries etc.

Ryan Aerospace acknowledges that virtual reality is in its infancy and has its limitations. For example, the image projected into the pilot’s eyes can be a little blurry and it’s difficult to read some of the instruments. Further, it’s a little difficult to interact with knobs buttons and switches. However, according to Managing Director, Chris Ryan, it was best to focus on what “could be done” with virtual reality rather than what “can’t be done” and this is what lead to the development of the vertical reference trainer. “When learning to fly vertical reference, it’s all about getting the head out the window and looking down. In this case, you don’t really need to worry so much about the instruments or fiddling with knobs” he added.

Features and benefits of the HELIMOD Mark III Hardware

  • Full immersion in the cockpit with the ability to look around (including directly down for vertical reference / long lining operations)
  • Modular and reconfigurable (aircraft-specific modules and controls can easily be added / interchanged)
  • USB "Plug and Play". Can be used with a variety of software platforms dependent on the training requirement
  • Robust and deployable. Main frame has durable Rhino Coating with recessed, rugged handles for easy movement. Internal parts over-engineered to withstand the harshest of operating environments
  • Retractable wheel system for easy movement available as an option
  • Small footprint. Can fit in a small office, trailer or shipping container and is portable
  • Package deals with PC, configured software and virtual reality headset available
  • Motion platform available
  • Can also be used with LCD screens or projectors for the out-the-window visuals instead of / as well as the virtual reality headset
  • Scalable
  • Excellent backup and support
  • Shipping worldwide

Features and benefits of Virtual Reality Hardware

  • Fully immersive, 3D stereoscopic visuals
  • Two head-tracking sensors (included in package)
  • Cost-effective / affordable
  • Runs on a super-high end, fully configured PC.

Units are shipping worldwide right now and can be ordered via Ryan Aerospace in Australia or Precision Flight Controls in the US.

About Ryan Aerospace (Australia)

Ryan Aerospace (established 2005) specializes in the design, manufacture and through-life support of high quality, cost-effective helicopter simulator training platforms for military, civil and emergency services applications.

About Precision Flight Controls (PFC)

Established in 1990, Precision Flight Controls, Inc. is recognised as a global leader in providing flight training organisations with affordable, high-fidelity, flight simulation components and systems.  PFC’s systems simulate dozens of general aviation and commercial aircraft as well as today’s most popular technically advanced aircraft.

Media contact (Australia): Chris Ryan +61 4 2930 0228 or chris.ryan@ryanaerospace.com.au (www.ryanaerospace.com.au)


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