Virtual Simulation Systems announces realistic crew and hoist training systems (with video premiere)

The company is using Virtual Reality and its proprietary technologies to provide crews with better training in a safe environment.


Note: the video above was premiered on PROFESSIONAL. We would like to thank VSS for the opportunity and trust.

Imagine picking up 3 boxes and from the content of those boxes – and the boxes themselves – assembling a training device that uses Virtual Reality to train your crews in hoist operations.

Now imagine you can do that in 10 minutes, with no tools.

That is exactly what Virtual Simulation Systems is delivering right now.

Virtual Simulation Systems PATS

VSS announced their Portable Aircrew Training System (or PATS), which allows crews to create and train procedural hoisting scenarios safely in a synthetic environment.

Being a portable – and fast to assemble – training device, this means that not only it can be carried anywhere but that it can also be rapidly disassembled for easy storage.

This means that, even if you are struggling with space, you may be able to store one or more of these devices and get them out for training sessions, putting them back into storage once the session is over.

Replica hoist pendants, cable cut switch and hover trim control units are all available to be fitted. Door gunnery modules are also offered as an option.

On top of the PATS, VSS has also developed a certified Hoist Module, which “provides operators with the opportunity to employ real-time procedures on a personnel approved hoist system”.

Virtual Simulation Systems Hoist Module

The Hoist Module may be fitted to existing devices, as well as the VSS Live Hoist Training Tower and it can be used to heights up to 16ft (5m).

The use of the VSS’s Hoist Module together with PATS, allows for realistic training in a safe environment, with “low maintenance and extremely long service life”. Crew training without the need to use a real airframe, becoming extremely cost-effective.

You can watch the VSS video about both products at the top of this page.

Both solutions are available right away. You can contact VSS through [email protected].

PATS official features list

  • PATS gives you helicopter hoist training at ground level
  • Varible hoist speed
  • Automatic tension control
  • Continuous loop steel cable
  • Realistic aircraft and equipment modeling
  • Reduce actual manning requirements, operational time & flight costs

VSS Hoist Module official features list

  • It utilises an Automatic Descent System (ADS). The ADS automatically controls the descent speed in case of loss of power
  • Engineered and tested to the maximum rated capacity of 600lb/272kg.
  • Variable speed with adjustable limit switches
  • Automatic cable management system
  • Manual brake release from the ground
  • Inbuilt cooling of the motor and gearbox
  • Smooth quiet operation and long service life
  • Options are available to include replica hoist pendants.


Sérgio Costa

Sérgio Costa

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